Hyaline Casts

    hyaline casts

  • (Hyaline cast) Urinary casts are cylindrical structures produced by the kidney and present in the urine in certain disease states. They form in the distal convoluted tubule and collecting ducts of nephrons, then dislodge and pass into the urine, where they can be detected by microscopy.
  • these casts are made of the protein itself. They are usually caused by dehydration, exercise, or diuretic medicines.

hyaline casts

the case

the case
7 year old female presents for renal biopsy because of hematuria and proteinuria. A skin rash is present. There is no history of arthritis or arthralgias. BP 110/65. Urine sediment: Hyaline and mixed casts. Urine: Hematuria 1+, Proteinuria 2+ (71.8 mg/dl), 446.1 mg Protein/24 hours, urine creatinine 83.39. Serum: Creatinine 0.54 mg/dl, BUN 10 mg/dl, C3 180, C4 43, ANA < 40, ANCA <120 & negative for P-ANCA and C-ANCA pattern, ASO 44, Albumin 4.4.

Sedimento 29

Sedimento  29
Cilindro hialino que atraviesa todo el campo.Muestra:sedimento de orina.
Hyaline cast.

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